Jan 11, 2024

2.3x Faster Shared Control

Any lag over 100ms is noticeable. Over 250ms and it feels unresponsive, which is how more than half of Shared Control sessions in Multi felt at launch.

We’ve reduced lag by 2.3x. Now, 90% of control sessions come in below 200ms, and same-region pairs regularly see sub-100ms latency.

This completely revamped peer-to-peer video pipeline for Shared Control has been months in the making. The graphic shows how our first P2P prototypes performed worse than video streamed via our servers. Over the next versions, we then iterated to minimize latency. Then finally, with user feedback, we tuned the pipeline to preserve higher video quality at a slight latency cost.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a user preference for whether global keyboard shortcuts like CMD+TAB are forwarded over shared control.

  • Added a user preference for whether the menubar call controls always show.

  • Adjusted the video tile logic to prioritize showing people who have their cameras on.

  • Adjusted search tags in the launcher to automatically clear.

  • Fixed an issue where join notifications did not appear in direct calls.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the share badge caused it to move.

  • Fixed an issue where activating Multi could incorrectly foreground the overlay over shared apps.

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

© Multi Software Co. 2024