Mar 7, 2024

AI Summaries

We’re building Multi to be the best way to get work done together. There are two parts to this: Productive working sessions, and strong follow through (i.e sync, and async).

So far, we’ve been focused on features for multiplayer collaboration during sessions. Now, we’re excited to bring you our first of a set of features to assist with follow ups, sharing context with teammates, and keeping your team’s knowledge fresh.

Now, you can enable summarization to receive an AI-generated summary of the discussion after it’s over. The summary is short and concise—something your team would actually read if you posted it in Slack.

If there’s a detail or topic you want to learn more about, click on one of the suggested summaries, or ask your own question.

Summaries are written into a multiplayer notepad so that your team is always on the same page. You can edit or add to Multi’s summaries just like you would with notes from any teammate.

For now, summaries only support sessions in English. We're working on adding support for other languages soon.

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

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