Oct 30, 2023

AI Upscaling

On retina screens, shared content is now upscaled by 2x so that it’s easier to read. This happens locally on your M-chip’s Neural Engine, resulting in a near-zero performance and latency hit.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a button to show new changelog items.

  • Added a resize indicator to the video tile.

  • Enabled keyboard navigation with CTRL+N, CTRL+P, etc.

  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur at end of call.

  • Fixed an error starting screen share, requiring a restart of Multi.

  • Fixed an issue where Bartender could trigger mute & unmute while in a call.

  • Fixed an issue where text in the meeting mode window would flicker while dragging the window.

  • Fixed an issue where the overlay over shared content could disappear in macOS 14.

  • Fixed text selection in chat on macOS 14.

[0.297.4 (436)]

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

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