May 15, 2023

Improvements for new teams

Clicking through the call view

We've been building Remotion to seamlessly get out of your way while you're working in apps like Xcode, including a way to “click through” the call view. But although power users got the hang of it, the interaction left new users struggling to find basic actions such as leaving a call.

We’re solving this in two steps: Now, the companion mode always exposes controls for your mic & camera, sharing, and leaving calls. Next, we’re redesigning our call controls to a scalable surface that doesn’t compromise any screen real estate. If this sneak peek catches your interest, let us know what you think.

Beyond that, we spent a cycle fixing issues that users experience in their first 10 minutes with Remotion. Here’s the full list of fixes. Thanks to our new teams for their generous feedback!

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a prompt to ask users taking shared control for Accessibility permissions. These allow Remotion to transmit inputs like CMD+TAB.

  • Added Accessibility permission as an optional onboarding step. New users nearly always want to test remote control, which requires it.

  • Added an item to the launcher to open controls for the current call.

  • Added support for opening the launcher by clicking Remotion in the macOS dock or app switcher. This prepares for making Remotion behave like a normal macOS app by default, instead of an accessory app (which is hidden from the dock and app switcher).

  • Added UI to show when the someone stops sharing control.

  • Adjusted default rooms to “Pairing” and “Standup” to suggest what Remotion is best for.

  • Adjusted onboarding for permissions to better explain what they are used for.

  • Adjusted the onboarding window level to no longer float above all other windows. This makes it easier to use the browser to authenticate, or to enable permissions in Settings.

  • Disabled the keyboard shortcut for sharing when two people are already sharing. Currently, Remotion only supports two shares at a time.

  • Fixed a crash occurring after shared control sessions.

  • Fixed an issue causing long draws to lag.

  • Fixed an issue where a the cursor chat tutorial would intermittently disappear.

  • Fixed an issue where CMD+W didn’t close some windows.

  • Fixed an issue where cursor chat cursors would flicker when overlapping.

  • Fixed an issue where share thumbnails would stay visible after unminimizing the share’s window.

  • Fixed an issue where some buttons in the launcher didn’t reflect hover state in macOS 13.

  • Fixed an issue where the share picker was occluded by full screen apps.

  • Fixed an issue where the share picker disappeared when using an external display.

  • Fixed an issue where viewers could see their cursor twice when viewing an app or screen that was being controlled.

  • Fixed shortcuts to share feedback.

  • Mitigated a memory leak in the Zoom SDK by restarting the app between calls if memory usage is too high.

  • Reduced app install size by 50MB to 220MB by removing support for Agora calls. This reduced the download size to 96MB.

  • Simplified onboarding by removing questions about role and operating system, as well as the step to take a live selfie from web onboarding.

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