Jan 31, 2023

Live editor

The Live Editor is an experimental feature for working on meaningful chunks of text together, such as code snippets or notes. Text is synchronized in real time between everyone in the call, and the contents are emailed to you when you leave the call.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added a minimize button to the Companion View.

  • Added a Launcher action to invite someone in a different room to the current room.

  • Disabled global keyboard shortcuts that move companion mode.

  • Fixed issues that could cause the call UI to disappear.

  • Fixed line wrapping for long names in call invites.

  • Removed a feature that automatically replaced default profile pictures with users’ macOS profile picture.

  • Simplified preferences for camera and microphone turning on when joining a call. The default is now camera off, microphone on. Users can override these preferences for themselves.

  • Updated some button styles to be more consistent across the app

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

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