Aug 9, 2023

Multicursor Shared Control

Multi makes shared apps interactive. Step one was shared control, which enabled anyone to edit and more. But it was still one person at a time. It felt clunky when mouse inputs collided.

Multicursor gives everyone independent cursors. Everyone can point and gesture simultaneously. More importantly, handoff is so seamless you won’t even notice it.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added new preferences for video defaults.

  • Added support for showing over full screen applications. (Enable in Settings.)

  • Adjusted drawings to clear when cursor chatting.

  • Fixed an issue where activating Multi wouldn’t show call controls.

  • Fixed Deep Links for Figma and Linear.

  • Fixed memory leaks during calls.

  • Fixed performance issues with camera feeds, drawing and cursor chat.

  • Polished UI across Launcher and shared content.

  • 38 additional fixes & improvements.

© Multi Software Co. 2024

© Multi Software Co. 2024

© Multi Software Co. 2024