Feb 8, 2023

Open screen shared files in Xcode, VSCode, and more

Following along as someone scrolls through code in an IDE is fine, but it’s often helpful to pull up a local copy in parallel. Now, when someone is screen sharing files in Xcode, VSCode, Sublime Text, and other document-based editors, viewers will have an option to open their local copy of that file in their own IDE.

Just be sure to select “Enable link sharing for supported apps” when selecting what to screen share. We’re happy to look into adding support for other editors too—just let us know.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a button in preferences to bring you to this changelog. How meta.

  • Added timestamped event markers in chat for when people join or leave calls and when people toggle screen sharing.

  • Added more accurate error messages when failing to join a call.

  • Added support for screen sharing windows that are visible in a different space.

  • Fixed a bug affecting users on macOS 11 where the companion view controls disappeared.

  • Fixed a bug in preferences where some options would be hidden.

  • Fixed a bug in the launcher where the badge showing what room a user is in would disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where the close and minimize buttons in the companion view were clickable despite being invisible.

  • Joined the new year by updating the copyright in the preferences window.

  • Polished buttons and badges across the app.

  • Prevent a rare crash where we try to go back in time by delaying a task by a negative number.

  • Fixed a bug copmanion mode

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