Apr 5, 2024

Realtime Shared Content References

Shared content references appearing in realtime during the call

Shared content references make it easy to get back to any file or link that was screenshared or sent in chat. Now, they populate in realtime during a session, so you never have to ask a screensharer to “go back.” You can now also curate what appears in the summary without waiting for the session to end.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added support for code blocks delineated with ``` in chat.

  • Ensured that camera input never defaults to Continuity.

  • Fixed a bug when clicking a link to join a session that you are already in.

  • Fixed a bug where shared app dock icon would update to active apps outside of the shared region.

  • Fixed multiple crashes.

  • Improved handling of non-16:9 camera aspect ratios to avoid skewing frames.

  • Myriad polish improvements.

  • Stopped asking for call feedback after one-person sessions.

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

© Multi Software Co. 2024