Mar 29, 2023

Remote control early access

Sometimes you want to lend a teammate your mouse and keyboard. Be it to set up your development environment, debug a thorny issue, or pair on some code, it’s now one click to grant remote control.

Remote control is currently rolling out to teams who’ve opted into early access. It will remain opt-in for at least a month as we work through known issues, critical features, and refinements. To request access, email us.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug where cursor chat, clicks, and drawing were cleared when the sharer clicked on another window, or resized the shared window.

  • Fixed a bug where screen sharing wouldn’t stop when the shared window was closed.

  • Fixed a bug where two cursors would show while mousing over shared content annotations.

  • Fixed a bug with drawing in full screen.

  • Fixed a regression causing Quick Open not to work with Electron apps.

  • Fixed truncated permission text in the screen share screen picker.

  • Polished call UI animations.

  • Polished cursor chat shadows.

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

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