Jun 21, 2023

Screenshare badge

The small but frequently experienced details are the most frustrating. We added one such frustration when we shipped the "presenter bar" that we all know from other apps. Although it's a useful surface to show and control what's happening, it gets in the way.

We took a cycle to refine it: We’ve replaced the toolbar with a small badge that lives in bottom right of the window or desktop you’re currently sharing. The badge gives you 1-click access to important actions like stopping the share, or managing shared control.

Improvements to the new call interface

  • Added a grid view which shows up to 4 people.

  • Added support for hiding your own video.

  • Adjusted the call controls to always show when foregrounding the app.

  • Fixed an issue where new call UX videos were always in low resolution.

Improvements to shared control

  • Added a label to the cursor when starting a shared control session that explains how to regain control of the cursor.

  • Adjusted control to “short circuit” on mouse clicks instead of on mouse movements.

  • Adjusted controlling individual apps to ignore global shortcuts like command-tab.

  • Fixed an issue where keyboard input was captured when the shared app wasn’t key.

  • Fixed an issue where the controller’s cursor could appear offset when controlling a much larger screen

  • Fixed an issue where shared control requests are now visible when sharing a full screen window.

  • Fixed a rare issue where control wouldn’t be returned to the sharer when the call ends.

  • Improved scroll responsiveness on non-trackpad devices.

  • Polished interactions around foregrounding and backgrounding shared apps.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Added Quick Open support for Brave Browser.

  • Added support for Command Tabbing to the launcher.

  • Improved drawing and cursor performance.

  • Fixed a crash when starting screen share.

  • Fixed a crash when using Exposé while sharing a window.

  • Fixed a number of hangs.

  • Fixed an issue where call participants were incorrectly indicated as muted.

  • Fixed an issue where “In a Zoom call” status would remain after leaving the Zoom call.

  • Fixed an issue where leaving a call could end the call for everyone.

  • Fixed an issue where the launcher showed when relaunching for an autoupdate.

  • Fixed an issue where tiny Remotion dock icons would appear.

  • Fixed issues with Quick Open for local files.

  • Improved memory usage after viewing a screen share.

  • Renamed "Quick Open" buttons to "Open in <app name>" for clarity.

  • Silenced the Zoom & Meet integration onboarding while in a Remotion call.

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