Feb 7, 2024

See up to 9 People in the Video Tile

We’d originally designed the video tile to be as lightweight as possible, to be used while pair programming. With the assumption that people would prefer to the expanded view when in larger meetings, we limited the number of videos that the tile could show to four.

Now, by popular demand, you can see up to nine people in the video tile. This means that you can continue using Multi’s lightweight UI during standup, demo sessions, and more.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a performance issue that occurred when sharing browsers with many tabs open.

  • Fixed an issue with display sharing when pressing CMD+` on macOS 14.

  • Fixed an issue where the launcher would appear while switching spaces.

  • Fixed an issue where the screenshare overlay would not appear on all spaces.

  • Made login more robust to intermittent network failures.

  • Myriad other bug fixes and improvements.

  • Polished Assistant (contact us to request early access).

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

© Multi Software Co. 2024