Jan 24, 2023

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Fixes & improvements

  • Added a close button to the Dock. Removed the “Mini Dock.”

  • Call invites now remain visible across Spaces.

  • Declining a call invite no longer changes Availability.

  • Fixed crashes.

  • Fixed memory leaks.

  • Fixed the Launcher appearing partially off-screen.

  • Improved CPU usage by moving video rendering to Metal.

  • Improved CPU usage in large calls by lowering video resolutions dynamically.

  • Remotion is now excluded from screen-shared content

  • Screen-shared content is now surrounded by a border to confirm it’s shared.

  • Simplified the onboarding flow.

  • Simplified the teammate invite window.

  • The screen share picker now updates to reflect changes in open windows

  • Typing “online” or “here” into Launcher now shows who is currently online.

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© Multi Software Co. 2024

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